Mining and materials

Thanks to its experience and in-depth know-how of your processes, Actemium offers pertinent solutions for the mining and materials industry.



  • Filtration System
  • Horizontal Filter Wells
  • Water Transfer System Spree-Schwarze Elster
  • Mining Casablanca -MEA Washing plant in Khouribga
  • Bucket chain excavator ERs710
  • Stone detection
  • Unregulated belt conveyor systems
  • Esch 6-45
  • Excavator 1300+1301+1534
  • Inden Spreader
  • Mobile transfer conveyor BRs
  • Mobile transfer conveyor PGOT
  • Partial automation of belt spreader
  • RB_Inden spreader
  • Sampling system
  • Rotational speed-controlled conveyor systems
  • SNL Turnkey refurbishment for ERAMET


  • EECV_Modernization shipunloader
  • Crane automation for the Port of Bayonne
  • Level luffing grab crane for the Port of Bayonne
  • Port of Saint-Nazaire : Grab ship unloader
  • Port of Saint-Nazaire : Level luffing grab cranes
  • Port of Saint Malo : Elec refurbishment grab crane