Solutions / Expertise


Winning, crushing, pre-homogenization, drying, breaking, baking, etc.

From the quarry to finished products, Actemium carries out power distribution installation and automation operations (implementation of automated industrial systems), intended for the main fields of materials’ industry.

Its teams participate in the revamping of existing units or in designing / building new equipment all over the world.


We are your reliable partner when it comes to complete automation solutions for surface mines, use of state-of-the-art sensor technology to protect your large-scale equipment, application of reliable measuring methods for assuring the quality of your extracted raw materials or energy-efficient solutions in drive technology and energy supply.

Our many years of experience and our ambitious aim to stay abreast of technological developments are your guarantee that your project goals will be met.

Our services:

Layout, project planning, procurement, supply, erection and startup of electrical and I&C equipment for:

  • Bucket wheel and bucket chain excavators, dragline
  • Spreaders and stackers
  • Belt conveyors
  • Speed-controlled and conventional belt conveyors
  • Storage areas for loose bulk goods
  • Shiploaders, Stackers/Reclaimers
  • Crane systems
  • Drainage systems for surface mines
  • Control stations and automation systems
  • Material quality management systems
  • Energy supply stations


Electrical engineering – Implementation

  • Gauging of the installation
  • Engineering HV/LV
  • Definition of power and control boards
  • Definition sensors


  • Construction of power boards
  • Wiring on unit HV/LV
  • Integration sensors
  • Compliancy


  • Automation, supervision
  • Functional analysis
  • Production management, traceability
  • Performance improvement
  • Industrial data processing

Specific applications

  • Training and technological transfer
  • Measuring and control
  • Data processing networks, wired and wifi
  • Radio remote control
  • Automation grinder
  • Auto-loading via badges
  • On-board data processing
  • Control and individual test of emergency shutdowns
  • Optimization of materials’ flow
  • Units’ monitoring
  • Diagnostic and modem assistance
  • Special machines