A large share of the electricity produced today comes from nuclear reactors using enriched uranium.

After several phases of conversion and transformation, and during the various stages of its life cycle, this fuel undergoes operations including enrichment, processing and recycling in industrial facilities.

These operations are carried out at research and manufacturing sites such as those of the CEA and Areva and also at warehouses and waste storage sites such as those of the ANDRA. For these sites, Actemium offers specialized and comprehensive solutions in electricity, control systems, radioprotection, nuclear ventilation and physical protection. Omexom, another VINCI Energies brand, offers solutions for electricity production plants.

Actemium’s technical expertise allows it to design, build, maintain and operate sensitive facilities while taking into account the specific features of the nuclear industry:

  • Safety of people
  • Security of the facilities
  • Respect for the environment
  • Confidentiality

This multi-technical approach provides a unique and complete range of services from design studies to validation tests and commissioning for:

  • The building of equipment and new facilities
  • The renovation and revision of non-compliant facilities
  • The dismantling of facilities at the end of their working life and waste management
  • The maintenance and operation of existing facilities