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Actemium facilitates new sustainable energy production in the UK

Actemium Instrumentation, Control & Switchgear (ICS) has been approached by a major UK Distribution Network Operator to assist with moving some of their assets to make way for a new Energy from Waste facility (EfW).

Actemium was initially commissioned to relocate a steam turbine alternator control panel. Over the course of two years, Actemium was also asked to:

  • Redesign and relocate three switchboards remote control system
  • Supply and install a transformer tap changer panel
  • Implement a new boiler feedwater control system, and design and install its new intermediate switchboard and interconnecting cabling

This project was delivered by over 30 people involved on-site and required 5000+ hours.

It highlights Actemium’s ability to provide custom-engineered solutions that meet clients’ needs and overcome complex challenges, allowing new sustainable facilities for energy production.


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