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Actemium’s Decarbonisation Contribution through Micro-Methanisation 

Taking a significant step towards environmental sustainability, Actemium Brest (France) has played a key role in supporting Rossivin, a local agricultural business, in its decarbonisation commitments, by valorising waste to creating a local and circular economy.

This milestone was achieved through the implementation of a micro-methanisation unit and co-generator with

 Nénufar & GR ENERGIES, for injection into the gas grid, and self-consumption.  

 Starting in 2021 with the overhaul of the HV (High Voltage) substation, the project reached fruition in November 2023 with the combined efforts of Actemium’s dedicated teams. 




Key highlights of the project include: 

  • Design, build, installation of the electrical shelter containing the control & command components.  
  • Monitoring implementation of platform for real time monitoring of unit and co-generator.  
  • Commissioning support 

This collaborative effort serves as a testimony to the pivotal role that Actemium offers to positive change and shaping a more sustainable future.


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