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Revitalising Power: The journey of EDF’s Sampolo hydroelectric plant renovation 

EDF, key player in electricity production and energy transition, has once again entrusted Actemium Vitrolles, specialised in information technology and electrical energy sectors, with a major project: the renovation of the Sampolo hydroelectric power plant in Corsica (France). 

Our hydroelectric expertise in action  

Following the successful upgrades of the OCANA, TOLLA, and SOVENDIA hydroelectric power plants, we continue to strengthen our position as a pioneer in the industry. Our contribution to hydroelectric power, number one energy production in France and the leading source of renewable energy, remains unwavering. It is distinguished by its minimal carbon emissions, surpassing other renewable sources, such as wind energy.  

Achieving excellence with a comprehensive role 

Our role in the Sampolo project was multifaceted, involving technical, administrative, and logistical aspects on automation tasks, medium voltage (MV) and control systems. 

We replaced control cabinets and main low voltage switchboards, designed and constructed an electrical room, and installed instrumentation for oil systems, cooling piping, and an alternator. We worked on the main valve refit and programmed the plant’s automation control system, as well as the installation of speed and voltage regulators. We managed the commissioning process and successfully reintegrated the production unit into the electrical grid.  

Throughout the entire project, our team kept the technical approach while focusing on service continuity, strategic planning, and proactive response. This comprehensive strategy ensured the project’s efficient operation. 

Ensuring safety as a priority  

Safety is a crucial aspect in each one of our projects. At Actemium, we are completely committed to maintain a healthy working environment and ensure the well-being of all workers.  

We are thrilled to be involved in such projects, as we strive to contribute to the energy transition, aiming for an environmentally responsible future.


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