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Actemium supports Sweden's ESS research facility

Actemium Sweden is performing advanced electrical, mechanical and instrumentation installation for the ESS (European Spallation Source) research facility right outside of Lund, Sweden.

The ESS requires skilled and focused personnel due to the highly sensitive and unique work being performed on the equipment. This combined with a large volume of work that requires high demands of quality assurance and tight timeframes makes it quite the perfect challenge.

The ESS science facility will work as a giant microscope to make findings of the small molecular structure of new and more durable materials for the fields of life science, food, raw materials, etc. The way the microscope functions is by shooting protons from the accelerator tunnel into the target building. This will cause the release of neutrons that are captured by various sensors located in the Neutron Science Building.

For more information, please contact Lars Roswall or Per Persson.