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Actemium helps Duyvis reduce raw material consumption

Duyvis, a brand of PepsiCo that produces snacks, peanuts and nuts, has long wanted to optimize its production line; to save on the amount of sunflower oil that is utilized weekly and to gain insight into the consumption per production line.

To fulfill this, Actemium Netherlands installed a new pipe from its current production line to its 3rd inactive clean oil storage tank, previously only 2 of the 3 were being used. This 3rd tank is suitable for storing the oil at the end of the production week for reuse. For quality assurance, the oil quality is measured daily.

With the completion of this project, their production line has reduced the amount of new sunflower oil required weekly, produced less waste oil and minimized the transportation for the supply and removal of oil. In this way, Duyvis is working towards a more sustainable food system.

For more information, please contact Adriaan van de Ven.