How will Actemium support Opel’s greenfield project?


Actemium ASAS (Spain) will support Opel’s greenfield project in Gliwice, Poland, the first greenfield project in over 10 years, all thanks to a consistent partnership with Opel in all of their large factory-adaptation projects since their PSA acquisition in 2017.

Actemium will design, deliver and install a complete skid, EMS conveyor systems, and the platforms for the conveyors and skids in their new buildings, which will home their longest commercial vehicle models. This will be the first investment of the new entity, Stellantis, the merger of Groupe PSA and FCA Group.

Actemium ASAS was able to provide a functional design, starting from the offer phase, which enabled shortened deadlines and reaching the extremely tight timing request from the customer. Actemium’s experience to design similar systems for van production sites was the foundation of their proposal.

For more information, please contact Eloy Hernandez.