Proof of Concept with the use of connected tools

Actemium Business Units have conducted numerous Proof of Concept (PoC) with the use of connected tools (IoT). This approach consists of testing several theories that could potentially be applied to environments close to reality such as monitoring equipment efficiency, breakdown, the anticipation of fire and leaks, etc. 

Actemium’s innovation team outlines 4 conditions for a successful PoC:

  • Appropriate objective: Define a clear vision with the end-users and establish how the results will be applied.
  • Production objective: Data collected during the PoC must be close to the actual condition of the specific production environment
  • Capitalization: The indicators of success must be updated after each experiment.
  • Communication: Communicate about the PoC upon completion and be transparent about the progression.

POC is a tool that can be used to address major issues for industrial companies, Actemium’s innovation team is highly involved in researching and improving the installation of a proof of concept combined with connected tools.

For more information, please contact Christophe Dubois-Destrizais.