Using smart sensors (IoT) for the railway sector

Actemium Maintenance Montigny helped the SNCF site resolve a major safety and production level issue; a key piece of machinery that transported railway vehicles from one rail to another had complications.

The SNCF operators complained about the loss of the automatic positioning feature, which risks the derailment of the transported equipment. Moreover, during the transportation cycle, the noise and vibration prevented communication between the team which induced the safety of the operators.

Actemium solved SNCF’s issues by executing 2 phases:

1) performing diagnostics to identify the right sensors, their placements and the reporting of mechanical drifts (the gap between reality and operating standards)

2) solving mechanical problems in specific processes by Actemium experts, and justifying the results by real-time observations

This is a great use of smart sensors (IoT) to make sure that safety and production levels are secured.

For more information, please contact Christophe Dubois Destrizais.