Working closely with its customers, Actemium translates food sector developments into plans, processes and technology. It does this across all industrial installations and process stages – from advice and engineering through commissioning and maintenance.

Actemium’s solutions are based around design, build and maintain. It delivers them to food industry customers working in dairy, coffee, chocolate, sugar, meat, confectionary, edible oils, cereals and other ingredients.

How Actemium fulfils customer needs

The following questions and answers can help you plot next steps on your food production journey.

  • Do you have process lines that are automated with inter-connecting conveyors?

    If yes, then:

    • Do they perform to your expectations?
    • Do you have a data capture and visualisation system that gives you the information you want in real time, and provides the accuracy that enables you to action any issues?
    • Is your production system flexible?

    Actemium can provide real-time data collection from your production lines linked to dashboards and reporting systems that give you actionable intelligence to help drive continuous improvement of your line’s performance. It can also digitalise your manual, paper-based systems for Quality Assurance (QA) and provide a central repository for your production. This information can then be linked back to your enterprise system, enhancing the speed of response and accuracy of your data.


  • Do you have a batch process? If so, how is data related to batch variables and ingredient tracking captured and stored?

    Actemium delivers batch systems aligned to both S88 modular batch and GAMP standards. It can offer a range of cost-effective batch solutions – depending on your process needs – and provide batch reports and recipe handling to meet the requirements of multiple industry sectors.

  • Do you have a cybersecurity policy and the network infrastructure to support it?

    Actemium experts can survey, advise on and implement all types of network infrastructure such as wired, fibre and wireless. Its cybersecurity specialists can undertake surveys and risk assessments, and advise on policy development, as well as technical mitigation measures.

  • Do you regularly conduct PUWER assessments on machinery? If so, how do you ensure compliance with machine safety regulations if modifications are required?

    Following its certified process, Actemium’s machinery safety engineers can advise and assist with all aspects of the machinery and process safety lifecycle. They can also provide training courses ranging from basic awareness through to full certification. Also we process safety engineering.

  • Do you have a link between your ERP system and production floor for the fulfilment of orders? If so, is this automated?

    Actemium experts can advise on, implement and maintain solutions which handle your production scheduling, reporting, QA, and track and trace requirements. They seamlessly link your shop floor to your enterprise level.

  • How can I compare production batches over multiple sites? How can I have a paperless execution of BOMs and recipe definitions stored in my ERP? How can I reduce quality issues in my production?

    Actemium can address all these issues through flexible recipe management, digitalised operator workflows and golden batch applications.

  • How can I design my plants in a more flexible way? And standardise the way my plants are built to complete them faster?

    Actemium can support you here thanks to a modular approach of the type Mars has adopted over many years, and what it is starting to do with customers like Puratos.