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Industrial innovation supports artisanal excellence thanks to Actemium 

Set up in 1921, chocolate craft business based in Brussels Manufacture Belge de Chocolats has appointed Actemium Digital Factory Gent and AVT Europe, another VINCI Energies business unit, to automate one of its production lines. The aim of the project? To adopt the innovation of automation and robotics to boost production while preserving traditional craftmanship.

Manufacture Belge de Chocolats has been working with Actemium on its packaging and production lines for several years. It was therefore logical that the chocolatier commissioned the company for the project in cooperation with AVT Europe for the mechanical aspects. Together, they provided full project management and comprehensive support from business care to the integration of machines on site.   

Actemium and AVT Europe managed to improve the process by eliminating the manual handling of the product and liberating time for quality control and higher-value-added jobs.  

Teams also delivered greater flexibility which should result in a return on investment within three years. The process does not compromise the workmanship unique to craft trades or the regulatory requirements set by the sector:  

“Process automation must be fully aligned with our client’s know-how and requirements, especially in the cutting-edge food sector.” 

Pieter D’Hamer

senior project engineer at Actemium

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