Actemium, a major partner of the Moroccan industry

Leading player in electric engineering, automation and industrial processes, Actemium Morocco supports its customers in optimization, modernization and implementation of industrial installations.

Actemium Morocco’s services are represented by 4 companies:

  • Actemium Chimie El Jadida
  • Actemium Eau Maroc
  • Actemium Mine Casablanca
  • Actemium Process Casablanca


These four companies represent the expertise gained throughout the accomplishment of all our projects.


Our services

  • Industrial support
    • Support in your investment choices
    • Global solutions’ organisation
    • Diversification, audit and energy management
    • Depreciation schedule with long-term commitment
    • Performance improvement
  • Project Management
    • General coordination
    • Client’s support for the definition of needs
    • Project steering and planning
  • Electrical and hydro-mechanical studies
    • Electrical networks conception and design
    • Electric cabinets conception & design
    • Hydraulic, electro-mechanical and hydroelectric studies
    • Pumping and water treatment
  • Automation, instrumentation & remote management
    • Automation, supervision, GTC & GTB
    • Instrumentation, control & thermal analysis
    • Production management, traceability
    • Remote management
  • Assembly & commissioning
    • Assembly and on-site installation
    • Technical support and commissioning
  • Industrial maintenance
    • Methodology & implementation of a maintenance strategy
    • Operation and monotechnical & multitechnical maintenance


Highly experienced in the industry sector, Actemium companies offer global solutions with long-term commitment.