Even though Sweden have many business units working with solutions for the industry only one has the name of Actemium. The rest still work under the local brands Emil Lundgren and Processkontroll. The one and only business unit is located in Stenungsund on the Swedish west coast and is therefore , simply enough, called Actemium Stenungsund.

Filbornaverket från söder

Actemium Stenungsund is focusing on assignments in the process industry, refineries, petrochemical, power stations, cracker plants etc. The unit has competence and experience for design and mounting works, test and commissioning of advanced electrical, telecommunications, instrumentation as well as automation plants. There is also a well-developed service segment and a workshop. The unit is distinguished by large resources, technical competence and strong local presence.




  • Actemium Stenungsund

c/o Emil Lundgren AB

Borealis cracker plant in Stenungsund

P.O. Box 216 (Ängsvägen 10)

SE-444 23 Stenungsund


Tel: +46-303-668 00

Fax: +46-303-800 96

Telephone Service dep.: +46-303-668 33


  • Business unit manager: 

Örjan Carlsson

Tel: 0303-668 13

Mobile: 0704-16 68 13


  • Client managers: 

Sture Carlsson                           &                  Peter Granlund

Tel:  0303-668 21                                            Tel: 0303-668 24

Mobile: 0704-16 68 21                                   Mobile: 0704-16 68 24


  • Finance: 

Lina Börve

Tel: 0303-668 03

Mobile: 0704-16 68 03