From the intake of raw materials into the silo through to dosing, mixing, pelleting and loading, Actemium knows your production process top to bottom.

Actemium can support you with hardware and software solutions to make sure your production process is a success. The experts can analyse and optimise your operations every step of the way.

Actemium Business Units are located close to your production sites, thus building long-term relationships with our customers. Thanks to the profound knowledge of the customer’s processes and equipment, Actemium is able to design and implement customized solutions.


  • Warehouse Management presents a better inventory visibility and a higher accuracy. This results in an optimised space utilisation, lower inventory levels, a reduced cost and less shipping errors.
  • Advanced Scheduling helps you in taking the right decision at the right time, thus optimising your production and logistic planning and resources.
  • Purchase and Supply Management integrated decision-support for risk management, trade, execution and cost-control.
  • Labeling and Scanning Custom-made labels, in line with all regulations, and most suitable scanning equipment result in perfect traceability and mobile, paperless operations.
  • Automatic Pellet Control quick start-up and optimisation make this solution ideal for short runs. The integrated machine and quality safeguards increase quality and reduce downtime.
  • Route Control automatic determination of the ideal route for production flows & internal logistics.
  • MES Creative Extended MES-solutions that integrate the administrative commercial functions with those of production management, combining the whole with the operational tasks in your plant.
  • Formulation and Quality Control combines the optimisation of recipes and logistics flows with an efficient quality control system and a dedicated tool for flexible (online) labelling.
  • Administrative Software to deal with (web-based) customer order-entry, order forecasting, document management, margin follow-up and invoicing.


  • My trucks don’t arrive on time / My products aren’t ready / There’s too much waiting time – what can I do?

    Actemium’s offering features TMS (Transport Management System) and APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) to align your logistics and production plans. This proactively takes into account traffic levels, silo usage and production breakdowns.

  • We’re purchasing a lot of raw materials and the market is very volatile. What can I do? / How can I minimise my purchase risk and plan the ‘just in time’ supply of raw materials without production interruptions?

    Actemium’s applications enables you to participate in future markets using hedging techniques to fix the quantities required and to decide where you buy at times when the price is favourable.

    Different Actemium solutions facilitate the control of expected cost prices and inventory by activity. The impact of future markets on purchase positions and formula compositions can be immediately recalculated to show a separate view of the physical and financial coverage of each product and activity.

    Actemium applications help feed manufacturers optimise their purchasing decisions and find the best solution for their bill of materials (recipes).
    Its solutions enable simulations that carry out multi-period calculations of the impact of varying product compositions. These show expected consumption for each period.

    The supply planning feature calculates when supply is needed. This is based on expected consumption, minimum desired stock, actual real stock, and recent real consumption and production.

    Simulated positions in the futures market enable forecasting of expected future prices for finished products. This tool greatly supports the price-setting process when establishing long-term contracts for the sale of finished products.

  • How can I optimise my plant to increase efficiency – for example, by identifying bottlenecks?

    Start by looking for inefficiencies using overall equipment effectiveness methods (OEE) and data analytics. You also need to home in on procedures and improve working methods for operators alongside continuous improvements in software.

    Next, optimise planning using APS / order prediction and predictive maintenance methods to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

  • How should l approach AI, IoT and cybersecurity?

    Partner with Actemium and enter the new era of AI – taking advantage of its in-depth experience and knowledge of data analytics and functional processes. AI also brings exciting opportunities for order prediction.

  • How does your warehouse management solution (WMS) integrate with the management execution system (MES)?

    There’s a strong link between Actemium’s warehousing offer and MES. Bagged goods and packaging material are often still used in production today. Optimising warehouse processes for moving and managing non-bulk goods is an important factor to consider alongside production as the workflows are closely connected.

  • How can I avoid a shortage of critical raw materials? / What will be my total consumption of raw materials over the next six months? / How can I guarantee that labels will always conform with legislation when recipe compositions constantly change according to customer demand?

    Actemium solutions can:

    • Optimise formulations by using range tolerances – preventing large fluctuations in composition over time and taking full account of the availability of raw materials.
    • Calculate and plan recipe compositions up to one year ahead using multiperiod optimisation and monthly forecasts to show raw materials needs.
    • Manage online labelling. Once a delivery truck is loaded, Actemium’s solution calculates label data based on the loaded recipe composition and local legislation. Some production data may be included.
  • How can I be sure I won’t miss giving a sample, so I can retain my quality certificate?

    When combined with online and solution sampling, Actemium’s control plans mean you can be sure you’ll meet your compliance needs.


  • Agrial
  • Agrifirm
  • AgruniekRijnvallei
  • Aveve
  • Cargill / Provomi
  • Cooperl
  • De Heus
  • Denkavit
  • Impextraco
  • Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
  • Kemin
  • Leievoeders
  • Nealia
  • Nutrea Nutrition Animale
  • Nuscience
  • Nutriciab
  • Mars
  • Prodial
  • Royal Canin
  • Sanders
  • Trouw Nutrition International
  • Vanden Avenne
  • Voeders Depré

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