Smart Solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s industry

Actemium, a key player in the transformation towards the Sustainable Factory of the Future

Building on our agile network of experts, we innovate in order to support the longterm development of industrial customers, in a sustainable way.
As a strategic partner, Actemium connects the dots within the value chain, on electrical, mechanical, automation and digitalization levels, in order to accelerate the energy transition and digital transformation.

  • Connectivity data
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • Human machine Interaction
  • Digital – physical conversion

Some of our solutions

Whether it involves electrical and mechanical improvements or process automation, Actemium ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction at every step of your production process:

  • Smart CIP

    Optimize CIP process to reduce energy, water and CIP ingredients. Recommendations by data-analytics are made visable to the operator to optimize the CIP-process.

  • Virtual Reality Tooling

    Display of real-time data and information from any source as AR objects.

  • Conveying and line management

    Legendre Conveyors is your experienced partner for all your bottling line projects. From line design over automation, supply and installation up to the commissioning of your projects.

  • In-line Carbonation Flash Pasteurisation In-line Dosing & Mixing

    Our cutting edge units are designed to optimise your production and off er high yield while saving on energy and ingredients.

  • Smart Operator – Smart Factory

    Operator assist or replace to ensure the most effi cient, energy safe ‘operator’ decisions.

  • Vibrometry

    Video technology in combination with 3D scan and plant 3D enables to determine strengths and stress in piping systems.

  • Smart virtual sensor modeling

    Improve energy and water usage by registration of flow in unreachable places with the help of data-analytics.

Besides in-house brewery solutions, Actemium also implements solutions as an integrator of process & MES technology platforms, combining segment knowledge with proven execution methodology in process control and MES.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Actemium's smart solutions for the beer, water and soft drinks industry?

    Algorithms can improve your processes when machine learning techniques are implemented. Actemium achieves this through solutions such as Smart CIP and Smart Operator.

  • Does Actemium supply process equipment to the beer, water and soft drinks industry?

    Yes – including equipment for carbonation such as the patented carbonation unit, which integrates the concept of Smart Processes. As well as for degassing, dosing and mixing. Actemium can supply this fully integrated into your plant platform or as a standalone installation.

  • What does digital transformation mean fort the beer, water and soft drinks industry?

    By using cloud computing you can reduce your reliance on user-owned computer hardware and software. Digital solutions also support cost savings and efficiency gains by going paperless. Food & Beverage businesses can take advantage of developments in other industries to drive their own digital transformation.

  • What can virtual sensor modelling do for my plant?

    Data analytics can help you realise valuable savings by enabling you to track energy and water usage – even in the most hard-to-reach locations.

  • What solution does Actemium offer to streamline production processes and save CO2 consumption?

    The in-line carbonator is a fully automated unit with a built-in ability to handle a large number of beverage recipes. This allows for the production line to be flexible and enables instant changeovers. Also, with the patented injection principle, it offers a short payback period and the CO2 savings account for up to 40%.